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WOD President offered Angels Award to the United Nations in order to promote the achievement of SDGs

The WOD President offered Angels to the United Nations to promote the achievement of the Global SDGs. During an informal consolation of the UN General Assembly Second Committee, President of the World Organization for Development Robert Gubernatorov made a hands-on suggestion of one incentive to promote the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals until 2030. The new 17 SDGs are very ambitious and require the mobilization for its implementation of a large number of resources: financial, human, technological, and others. To inspire the most significant possible number of people to achieve the SDG from civil society and the business community sectors, systematic and severe promotion and popularization of the support already provided and the done work should be incorporated. The ideal solution is to reward those who have contributed to the implementation of the SDG projects with a public international award. World Organization for Development has a World Investment Award "Investment Angel" and has held its ceremony in different countries. This year the WOD is expanding the project to an International Award to present the Award in various categories, such as: - Innovation Award - Investment Award - Industrial Award and others. Each of these Angel Awards is intended to support, promote and advance the positive results of achieving most of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations.

The link to watch the speech of the WOD President Robert Gubernatorov (beginning at 2:15:55)


Description: Economic and Financial Committee (Second Committee) Opening statements His Excellency Andrej Logar (Slovenia), Chair of the Second Committee Ms. Barbara Adams, Chair of the Global Policy Forum, and the Moderator of the two-panel discussions Panel discussion 1 "How can the Second Committee ensure that its work is in line with the objectives of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development?" Presentations followed by interactive discussion Panel discussion 2 "How should the agenda of the Second Committee look like in the coming years?" Presentations followed by interactive discussion Conclusion of the session Wrap-up and summary of critical issues by Ms. Barbara Adams, Chair of the Global Policy Forum Closing remarks by His Excellency Andrej Logar (Slovenia), Chair of the Second Committee Scrips and related documents

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