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Investment Angel Award 2015

World Organization for Development is proud to announce the next Regular Ceremony of the World Investment Award «Investment Angel.»

On November 30, 2015, in Moscow, at the Ritz Carlton hotel, a new set of the «Investment Angel» Awards will be presented during a gala dinner.

The event will become the central part of the WOD Project «Foreign investors in Russia in person,» which will show in a documentary movie format the whole range of foreign (commercial, industrial, and private) investors working on the territory of the Russian Federation during the period of sanctions.

World Organization for Development regularly holds the «Investment Angel» Award in different countries. The Award is recognized by the international community and supported by the government authorities of states where it takes place and civil society and business sections. The nominees and winners of the «Investment Angel» are the following: States and their entities, foreign investors, representatives of the large, medium, and small businesses, private investors (business angels).